Sat. May 21st, 2022

Daily News Groups is a network of localized newsgroups that shares local news stories from reputable mainstream media outlets, government agency websites and local events and of course missing children and pets but there is so much more to it and we would like to explain a little more about it .

For just over a decade we have been pushing provincial governments across Canada to create a law to stop convicted sex offenders from changing their name to help conceal their crimes, so many cases show repeat offenses by these same convicted offenders . Since we have have hit brick walls each step of the way we created the National Sexual Offender Registry on Facebook to try and help keep track of repeat offenders from right across our great country and when an offender is being released into a community we are able to use the local news groups to be able to warn everyone to talk to their children about whos moving near them .
Lastly we use the newsgroups with our Sexual Abuse Network of Canada side of the organization to investigate historical cases of child sexual abuse by being able to talk to a local community about things they would remember from the past growing up in the area where the offender was grooming children.
We are in over 90 cities with our newsgroups but have dozens of private peer to peer support groups for sexually abused victims that have gone through the courts and feel they were not supported by the system and can not afford private therapy.

What we need is volunteers to help post news in their local groups and check out the groups for things that violate our group rules or Facebook group rules . Once we see if you fit in with the team we can expand your assistance from the news side to assisting with historical sexual abuse cases or data entry into our online sex offender database or even help with the peer to peer support . Since the covid outbreak hundreds of sexual abuse victims have come forward to report the abuse they suffered and has overwhelmed our services .

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to use the messenger option on this website or the one on our Facebook page or email or call 902 918 5225

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