Counterfeit US 100 Dollar Bills Circulating in Charlottetown

Oct 19, 2021 | Police Reports Charlottetown Police is warning local businesses that counterfeit US 100 dollar bills are being passed to unsuspecting business employees. Two separate occurrences were reported.  Both happened on October 12 and involves a patron paying for an order at a drive thru window. The bills have the […]

Hit and Run Collision Leads to Impaired Driving Charge

Oct 21, 2021 | Police Reports File: 20211581408 At 1:35 am this morning, Charlottetown Police Services responded to a three vehicle hit and run collision on St Peters Road. Fortunately there were no injuries reported to Police. One vehicle was struck head on and sustained significant damage, while the second vehicle only […]

Residential Break and Enter – Charges Laid

Oct 25, 2021 | Police Reports File: 20211594414 On Saturday morning (Oct 23), Charlottetown Police Services responded to a complaint of a residential break and enter on St Peters Road. Sometime overnight, the attached garage of the residence was broken into.  Stolen items included two shotguns, ammunition and multiple tools.  The Street […]

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